WordPress Blogs

Content is King, Feed Google with WordPress


The key to achieving a good search rank in Google is to have plenty of content on your site. By far one of the best ways to feed Google with fresh content is to install a blog (or news section) on your site powered by WordPress.

So What Is A Blog

The term blog arrives from a mash-up of Web Log, and was originally designed for individuals to publish an online diary. Now the benefits for organisations has become apparent as they can easily publish articles relevant to their industry, or simply to host a news section where they can release important announcements. Our News section is an example of a WordPress blog.

What Are the Benefits?

We use WordPress to power the blogs we build as it was specifically designed for this purpose. Granted, we also use it to build our content managed websites due to its fantastic SEO capabilities, but this was seen as an afterthought by the developers at WordPress.

No development experience is needed to keep a WordPress blog up to date either – if you can use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you can maintain a blog. You simply log into the administration panel, click on ‘New Post’, write your content and hit ‘Publish’ – Job Done!

How Can We Help?

If you already have a website but don’t yet have a blog, no problem, we can create a blog template that will fit in perfectly to your current site design. If you don’t yet have a website but are considering adding a blog when you do, it may be worth considering a content managed website from the beginning of the build process.

Contact us for more information about WordPress Blogs.