Content Management

Content Managed Websites

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable website owners to edit the content themselves (text and images etc) without the need to contact a web development agency. They’re great solutions for businesses that have content that’s constantly changing and is time critical that can’t wait to go through the process of emailing it out to a developer and waiting for them to update the site. You can simply log into the administration panel, select the page you wish to edit, make the changes, hit save and the content’s live.

Although the initial cost of creating a website on a CMS platform is slightly more that the cost of having a static website built, the costs can be clawed back in the savings made by changing the content yourself.

CMS Platforms

The two main CMS platforms that we use to create our websites are WordPress and our own custom built system.

The reason why we have two platforms available is the fact that WordPress is an extremely powerful system that from our tests have always performed well in SEO results, but has a bit of a learning curve attached to it. Our own custom built system, although isn’t as poweful as WordPress, can still be extended with bolt-on extras and has been created with people new to CMS systems in mind so is extremely easy to use.

If you would like a website built on a CMS, or have your current website converted into a Content Managed Site, contact us to discuss your requirements.