SMS Marketing

Embrace the Power of SMS!

SMS Marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool as an SMS campaign is low cost to implement and has the highest view rate across all other marketing techniques (approximately 85%-90%).

Types of SMS Marketing

There are two basic methods of SMS marketing:

  • SMS Mail List – One Way Communication
  • Shortcode Keyword – Two Way Communication

SMS Mail List

Using this method, you’ll collect the mobile numbers you want to target and add them to a list. When you are ready to launch your campaign, you’ll then send out the same message to all of the numbers on your list with a click of a button. This method works in much the same way as traditional email marketing, however we’re not able to report the same metrics (delivery rate, open rate etc) simply due to the nature of the technology. This method is classed as one-way communication.

Shortcode Keyword

Have you seen O2′s TV advert? Right at the very end they have a simple message of “Text REWARD to 61202″. The shortcode is 61202, and the keyword part is REWARD. This enables two way communication as the customer has now engaged with you themselves and shown interest in the specific message that you’re trying to get across. Don’t worry either, Shortcode Keywords aren’t as expensive as you may think with prices starting from as little as £10 per month.


As you can imagine, SMS Marketing is incredibly open to abuse and because of which there are some legalities that you need to abide by. When we manage your account, we will take care of the important bits on your behalf and advise you if any marketing goal that you’re trying to achieve is possible or not.