Email Marketing

Keep Customers Informed With Email Marketing

According to Wikipedia, Email Marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective form of online marketing tactic. Here at Big Square Box we use the power of Mailchimp to ensure the highest delivery rate possible while at the same time keeping your current company brand as we will custom build an email template to match your site.

Once the email campaign has been sent, we’ll put together a report for you full of various metrics to measure how successful the campaign was. We’ll be able to tell you the delivery rate, the open rate, the unsubscribe rate and exactly which links contained within the email were clicked on. This is a fantastic way of determining your return on investment in a way that you’ll not be able to achieve using other email marketing methods.

For more advanced campaigns, we can also include the following:

A/b Split Testing

Test different versions of effectively the same email to decide which gives you the best return. Does having your company name or a human name in the “from” field work best? Does the time of day the email was sent affect the open rate? All of this can be found out using A/B split testing.

Auto Responders

Send an automatic “Thank You” email out to any new subscribers and maybe include a special offer. Alternatively an advanced method is to schedule a number of follow up emails, such as “Join our mailing list and receive our training course over the next 4 weeks”.

Google Analytics

Your email campaigns can also be integrated with Google Analytics, enabling you to track your campaign subscribers once they have a clicked on a link through to your site. This gives you an additional insight into your ROI, and lets you know what works and what doesn’t

This is just a short list, for more features please contact us to find out more.